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The Legend Of Cerda


The Legend Of Cerda its a GBA ROM made from Visual Boy Advance it only works in PC and its in Spanish


This Game has explicit content and its rated ''M'' for Mature

viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Avatar Information Section

Me, Zuko

Info: Born in the Fire Nation Son of the fire master osai soon the throne Owner my mission is now to retrieve peace in the World and help the avatar.. as soon as i end this war i will be Fire Lord Zuko and i will be loyal to my nation


My Sister she is a Devil he is the Devil in Herself you know? its annoying and powerfull her mission its to eliminate the Avatar and be the next Fire Queen! but she's not going Far Away from here.


ok first things First i think he avatar its in Crush with her since i joined his Crew i see him very interested in her but who knows anyways she hate's me but she's pretty as well.


now this guy its funny for other people except me, Zuko but he's good as tough ya know? he is a great warrior and he has no conflicts with me since i joined Aangs Crew.


She its Blind as hell i am so sorry about burning her feet she can see with the Feet thats awesome she is pretty but she is Brute,anyways she is a good friend and its helpfully.

Ty Lee

She only cares about her skin nothing else she its a Circus Girl just to be Popular and unique because of her 6 Twin Sisters

Avatar Blog News Section

January/25/2008/5:45 p.m.

as you know the chapter 14 of the Book 3 its going to be released Today

January 25 2008 and its going to be Posted here as soon as i get that episode

January/25/2008/11:05 p.m.

unfortunately they didn't released the chapter 14 in USA Today so as soon as i get that chapter i will put a download link here don't be desperate be patient.
Signed: Moderator Prince Zuko

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Avatar Book 1-13

The Fire Book its a good book for me i just have from 1 to 13 so Enjoy! COMING SOON MORE!!!

Chapter 1: The awakening

Chapter 2: The headband

Capítulo 3: The painted lady

Chapter 4: Sokka's Master

Chapter 5: The beach

Chapter 6: The Avatar and the Firelord

Chapter 7: The runaway

Chapter 8: The puppetmaster

Chapter 9: Nightmares and daydreams

Ok Peeps this chapters are in .flv because i wanted to ok?

You Will need this Codec

now Chapter 10-13

Chapter 10:"The Day of the Black Sun: The Invasion"

Chapter 11:"The Day of the Black Sun: The Eclipse "

Chapter 12: The West Air Temple

Chapter 13: The Firebending Masters

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GTA SA Attacking Ghost Cars

----This Is Not A Mod From US----
Again DoomedSpaceMarine123, he made the ghost Cars at the Forest attack you between 00:00 and 6:00 just get near one the lights will turn on and kill the car!
----This Is Not A Mod From US----

Same installation as Leatherface put ghostcar.cs into CLEO Folder

Ghost Cars

Thanks To DoomedSpacemarine123

GTA SA Bigfoot

----This Is Not A Mod From US----
Bigfoot mod again by DoomedSpaceMarine123, this mod is not a mission mod its just like LeatherFace mod posted before, you can see Bigfoot at SF Forest and mount chilliad at any time he wont attack you unless you attack him 1st
----This Is Not A Mod From US----

put Bidfoot.cs and bigfoot.img into Cleo folder then put gta3.dat in your data folder


You dont have to Start a nwe game because its CLEO3